Commercial Checking

  • Commercial Checking Account
  • Commercial Budget Checking Account
  • Non-Personal NOW Account
  • Commercial Non Profit NOW Account


    Commercial Checking Account


    This account is designed for those larger businesses that have higher check writing and deposit activity and wish to receive an earnings credit for their balances to offset monthly service charges. Account activity is analyzed monthly.

    • $10.00 Monthly Fee if balance falls below minimum balance of $500.
    • Account activity analyzed monthly.
    • Account can receive earning credit based on balances maintained.
    • $0.15 per debit.
    • $0.15 per credit.
    • $0.06 per transit item.
    • $0.06 per On us item.

     Business Budget Checking


    This account is designed for the small business customer. It provides low cost checking for low activity business accounts. It provides 50 checks and debits at no cost each statement cycle and 100 deposit items. By maintaining a low minimum balance of $350.00, a $5.00 monthly maintenance fee can be avoided.

    • No minimum balance to open.
    • $5.00 maintenance fee if average balance falls below $350.00.
    • $0.50 per debit over 50 per month.
    • $0.10 per deposit item over 100 per month.

     Non-Personal NOW Account


    Account designed to allow the smaller business the opportunity to receive a market rate of interest on excess funds when the account maintains an average collected balance of $1000.

    • $4.00 Monthly Maintenance Fee.
    • Maintain $1000.00 Average balance to receive interest
    • $0.25 per debit.
    • $0.25 per deposit.

     Business Non Profit NOW Account

    Account designed for those non-profit businesses of various sizes in the community. Provides interest when the account maintains collected balance of $1000.00 per statement cycle.

    • No monthly service charge.
    • Unlimited Check writing.
    • Maintain $1000.00 Average balance to receive interest.